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339 Pound – Galaxy Note 8.0 Android tablet sell in UK

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Android TabletAs the tool to compete with iPad mini by Samsung, the Galaxy Note 8.0 started to sell in UK recently! And the 16GB / Wi-Fi edition is charged for 339.00 pound!

20130407114256456The Galaxy Note 8.0 has a 8.0 inch 1280*800 pixel TFT display. And this tablet computer uses 1.6GHz Exynos 4 Quad-Core CPU, 2GB RAM, 4600mAh li battery, runs Android 4.1.2 system. It also has a front and a rear dual cameras. It supports up to 64GB external micro-sd card.

From the pice in UK, we can see it is even more expensive than iPad mini. However, from the specification, its hardware is more strong. If you need a cheap Android tablet, it may be not a good choice!

The Retina Display(2048×1536) vs normal display(1024×768)

Retina Display android tabletsWith the quad-core Android tablets getting more and more popular, the displays used in the tablets are also getting upgraded! And we see many products advertised high definition or retina display. How good the retina display is, today let’s have a look some pictures compared with normal display. The retina display has a very definition: 2048×1536 pixel, while the normal display we chose is 1024×768 pixel!


20130322113118442We can under the same image, the retina display is much more clear, it shows more staff in detail. The retina display is also more bright!


20130322113208880Compared the fonts in the screen, after enlarged, thanks to the high definition, the retina display is also looking better!


20130322113253475The above photos are the screen shots while playing 1080P videos. We can tell that retina display provide more vivid and the color repruduction is better.


20130322113337783After making the pictures very big, the difference between them is even more clear!


However, though the retina display provides us much better resolution, it has some disadvantage as well. For example, it costs more power. And cause of the super high definition, some applications may not work very well in the tablet computers. The price of retina display devices may be higher. We should choose the one that suitable for us. In a 7.0 inch tablet uses 1024×768 pixel definition, the performance is also ok. but for a 10 inch or bigger display, you may consider a higher definition version!

The first Ubuntu Tablet Computer – Intermatrix U7

Intermatrix U7 Ubuntu touch Tablet computerAfter the publish of Ubuntu Touch operating system, it has attacted lots of attention. Because Ubuntu is new for the market of  tablet computers. Right now, it’s still unknown if it can compete with the fimilar Android and IOS system. But now there is product already able to run Ubuntu Touch system, which is called Intermatrix U7. We have seen this tablet in this year’s MWC. And there is news said would be available to order in stores around October.

Intermatrix U7 is a quad-core A9 tablet computer. The processor speed is 1.5GHz and has 1GB ram,16GB on-board storage. It also supports external Micro-SD card. 7.0” IPS touchscreen with 1280*800 pixel definition. It has front 0.3MP and rear 2.0MP dual cameras. The internal battery is 4000mAh. The hardware is quit normal. But the price is not cheap. It asks $299.00 in the official site! For that price, a 10.1” Android tablet would be better with cheap price in Tablets World!

Named Harry, Retina display, Ramos New product in MWC2013

Ramos Harry 10.1'' Android tablet computer Retina display4-day MWC2013 was finished on 28th last month. We saw many new products and new technology in the meeting. Samsung published Galaxy Note 8.0 8” Android tablet, Huawei bring us Ascend P2 and Sony showed the new Xperia Tablet Z etc Android Tablets. At the same time, another new product named Harry from Ramos come to us.

20130301094432629From the above pictures, we can see this new Android tablet Harry uses white front panel and white back cover, which looks good and compact. We can also the familar UI (Ramos W30,W30HD all use this UI). Acoording to the official news, this tablet computer would use the 3rd generation Retina display and quad-core CPU (might be Allwinner A31?). It seems to be this tablet would be available to order very soon.

MWC2013 7.0” Phone Android Tablet computer ASUS Fonepad

7.0'' phone tablet android computer ASUS FonepadBy cooperating with Google and released the Nexus 7 last year, ASUS won the profit and popularity. So, ASUS published the MeMOPAD ME172V immediately in the past CES 2013. Now, a new 7.0” phone tablet using Intel chipset published yesterday.

20130225112732658About the apperance, this 7.0” Android tablet Fonepad uses metallic cover, allover is light and thin. 240g weight and 10.4mm thickness. While about the specification, Fonepad has a 7.0 inch 1280*800 pixel IPS display. The chipset used is the Atom Z2420 (32nm HKMG workmanship, 1.2GHz single-core, 1GB LPDDR2-800 RAM) by Intel published in CES 2013. What’s more, this tablet computer has a rear camera which supports 720P video recording. Fonepad runs Android 4.1.2 jelly bean operating system. The most important thing is that Fonepad has a SIM card slot, you can use a SIM card to make phone call on this tablet.

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Directly compete with iPad mini – Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

8.0'' Android tablet computer Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0Close to  MWC2013, there are now more and more news about it. As usual, in this meeting, Samsung is the king of it. This time, Samsung seems to will release the Galaxy Note 8.0 as one of its most important product to directly compete with iPad mini tablet computer.

20130224061842668Except that, Samsung finally published the accurate specification of this Android tablet. Galaxy Note 8.0 uses 1280*800 pixel TFT display, 1.6GHz Samsung Exynos 4 Quad core chipset and runs Android 4.1.2 operation system with 2GB ddr ram and 32GB internal storage. What’s more, it will support external micro-sd card, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS functions. However, the price has not published yet. Considering other Samsung products, this 8.0” tablet would be around $400.00.

2013022406193757120130224061947787201302240619523242013022406195721520130224062014291Fore more information, please visit Tablets World – the leading online Android tablets provider.

Google Nexus 7 II Android Tablet would use APQ8064 rather than Tegra 4

7.0'' Android Tablet computer Google Nexus 7 IIThough the Tegra 4 from Nvidia has won lots of attention in CES 2013, Google would not use this  CPU for the coming Nexus 7 2nd generation 7.0 inch Android Tablet computer. It would comes with Qualcomm APQ 8064 chip quad-core CPU.

APQ 8064 is the latest quad-core high performance CPU released in 2012 by Qualcomm and it is used by kinds of Android tablets and mobile devices manufacturers. While Tegra 4 is the 2013 flagship product by Nvidia, but so far no devices running this CPU yet. Some professional people said the APQ 8064 has been in the market from some time now, its price is more compatitive. Plus the CPU from Qualcomm usually combined 3G,4G network, which can make the design more brief.

So though Nexus 7 uses Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU, considering the  cost to produce the tablet computer, Nexus 7 II would say goodbye with Tegra 4. From other news, the Nexus 7 II would come with 1920*1080 pixel HD display and would still choose ASUS to produce. In this year’s Google I/O meeting in May, we should be able to see the Nexus 2 2nd generation 7” Android tablet!

With Bluetooth Keyboard Aocos PX102 10.1” Android Tablet

Aocos PX102 10.1'' Android Tablet computerHave a look the market of tablet computers, we see more and more new products come out. And the quality and appearance become better and better. Among those kinds of Android tablets, Aocos PX102, which comes with a bluetooth keyboard, looks very novel.

The special place of the Aocos PX102 is the bluetooth keyboard is designed specially for the PX102 rather than a universal one! Aocos PX102 is 10.1 inch tablet computer, which uses IPS touchscreen and supports multi-touch, with 1280*800 pixel high definition! The inside uses RK3066 1.6GHz Cortex-A9 DUAL CORE CPU, 1GB DDR3 RAM and 16GB internal on board storage. Running Google Android 4.1 jelly bean operating system. Dual cameras design with rich expansion ports.

Upgrade to Retina display? iPad mini 2 new exposure

iPad mini 2 7 inch Tablet ComputerAccording to the news from the industry chain in Taiwang, the factory is doing small-sacle amount production of 7.9” display tablet computers for Apple. The definition is 2048*1536 pixel with 324ppi, while this is the level of retina display. What’s more, news from other national media said that the iPad mini 2 tablet would have the same apperance as iPad mini and the thing different would be using a much better touchscreen.

If the news is true, from the currect speed to release the iPad 4 9.7” tablet computer, the date for iPad mini 2 would be not so far away as well!

Big Upgrade! The 2nd Generation Google Nexus 7 specification new exposure

Google Nexus 7 Android Tablet ComputerThe Nexus 7 Android Tablet, which is a product produced under the cooperation of Google and ASUS, becomes one of most popular tablets around the world. We can even say it is one of the biggest competitor of iPad mini. This also bring lots of profit for Google and ASUS. While, according to the news from DigiTimes, Google has now started to create the 2nd generation Nexus 7 with upgraded hardware.

20130129055534347The 2nd generation Nexus 7 7” Android tablet would be still produced by ASUS, however, the specification would have big upgrades. Firstly, the display would upgrade to 1080P full HD. Then the CPU would use the latest Tegra 4. And it would be thinner with narrower frame. The operating system would be also using the latest one, if it is running Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie is unknown yet.